Please note: We are a traditional publisher with a limited independent market. We are not a vanity press, and do not require any financial contribution from our authors.


Our niche market is vintage lifestyle/ pin up/ kustom kulture/ hot rod/ photography books. Please review our current catalogue to see if your project would be a good fit with our brand.


We are also accepting submissions of Literary Fiction of novel length. We are looking for unique voices in the contemporary genre (think Hunter S. Thompson, Michael Ondaatje, Salinger, Kerouac). At this time, we are not accepting any Young Adult, Fantasy, Children's, or any projects which will be marketed to ages 18 and younger.


Please follow these submission guidelines if you would like us to consider your work:


Submit an introduction letter with the first 4 chapters (or first 50 pages if chapter format does not apply). Introduction letter should include author bio, word count, and list of publishing credits (if applicable).


Email submissions in PDF format are preferred. If you must send a physical document, include SASE for response and return of manuscript. Please do not mail original artwork.


For photography and art projects, please email samples of your work, link to website/ social media pages, and prior publishing credits.


Email your submission:


Want to know more about the publishing process?

If you have questions about how the industry works, or want to do further research into the publishing process, pick up a copy of "Writer's Market" (from Writer's Digest).

If you are new to submitting your work, consider researching the process before contacting a publisher.