by Cherry Dollface

Dollface Vintage

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The highly anticipated first book by model, instructor, online personality, and vintage lifestyle enthusiast Cherry Dollface.

The perfect manual for everyone interested in all things vintage:





Throwing the Perfect Party!


You'll find all of this and more in

"Dollface Vintage: An Everyday Gal's Guide to a Vintage Lifestyle."


Full Color, Soft Cover

Size: 9" x 9"

128 pages

Cherry Dollface

Cherry Dollface was raised in Portland, OR and loved all things vintage from the moment she could speak.

Her hobby turned into a career when in 2004, she was sitting in her vintage truck at the rockabilly festival Viva Las Vegas and a photographer snapped a photo of her. A few months later, he emailed her to ask her permission to publish it on the cover of a hot rod magazine and so began her foray into pinup modeling.

Over the next 10 years, she would be hired to model for dozens of companies and also grace the cover of over 15 internationally published magazines. In 2012, Cherry decided to take her brand to the next level by starting a YouTube channel to go from the girl in the magazines to the girl helping other girls live their own pinup dreams.

Now, just 4 short years later, she has almost 1 million followers throughout social media. Her main focus these days is to bring the pinup lifestyle to the masses and to make a once elite subculture into an accessible culture to women worldwide. She travels the world teaching classes and doing hair and makeup to show women how to use vintage style in their own lives to feel more glamorous and confident.

Above all, Cherry is trying to break down the walls of the stereotypical pinup snob and encourage girls to be friendly, helpful, and supportive of each other. Her main motto is "Don't be an asshole"... meaning to each other, to ourselves, and just in general life. Her approach to pinup culture is not always the most popular with other top pinups, but she is set on staying true to herself and her message.



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